It is our intent to provide, with the help of the villagers and an engineer,  a permanent water supply to the rural village of Kachait.  In this village we will build a dam, lay 5.6 km of pipe, repair a water tank and repair/construct 10 taps for over 600 residents. Volunteers, if available and villagers […]

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Nambak Ethnic Boarding School Toilets

With the success of last years water project to provide a permanent source of water for over 600 primary and secondary students, it was discovered that there were not nearly enough washrooms for the students. It is our intent to provide an additional bank of 4 toilets for the girls for the upcoming season.  If […]

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Support a Student For The 2021-22 School Year

Each year AAVIL sponsors a host of students both secondary and university levels, where they have no hope of going to school without our support.  Each student has there own needs.  For our secondary school students, most villages do not have a secondary school, so they attend a school generally located closest to the village […]

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