285 Water Filters Distributed this season

Our first shipment and distribution of water filters for 4 villages in Nambak District, has been completed and pictures of the receiving families have been sent to each donor. The roads were terrible and 41 of the ceramic elements were damaged. In fact the trucks got stuck in the mud several times along the journey. While it was well into the dry season, the first day included heavy rain the entire distance and the filters had to be unloaded at night after the rain stopped. Our team was lucky enough to hire two locals to provide security overnight. Terraclear, the filter manufacturer was kind enough to replace the broken elements.

This distribution was definitely one of the more difficult ones, not only because of the muddy roads, but because our usual volunteers weren’t there and new covid protocols had to be followed to keep our staff, hired help and villagers safe. As part of the protocol procedures, family sized hand sanitizer was given to each family, along with facemasks to everyone. In addition, the villages lockdowns earlier caused the harvesting season to be late and a delay in planting the tobacco fields so many families could only send one member to the training session. Here are a few highlights of the villages;

Siphan, teaches hygiene to the villagers with special emphasis on protection against covid.

Adults and children listened intently to the training and were only happy to wear masks like their parents.

Ban Kachait is also the same location our team is constructing a permanent water supply.

Training and distribution was done on the school grounds.

This village of Poung Jong was where we completed a permanent water supply last year for the village.

Ban Houay Seau family receives their water filter

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