Review of the 21/22 Season

With Covid Lockdowns a devalued currency and huge price increases throughout the year, our team still managed to complete several projects.

Starting with the Kachait Permanent water supply, our team with most of the work being done by the villagers and our engineer, a water dam was built, 5.6km of pipe to the village were buried, a water tank constructed and 10 taps throughout the village were installed, Here are some highlights;

Dam Construction

Completion of Dam

Construction of the Village Water Tank

Happy Recipients of Water to the Village

Special Thanks to our many Amazing Sponsors!

With the main project done in Kachait, we managed to complete another 8 toilets for the Nambak Ethnic Boarding School, to bring the grand total to 20 for a student body of 696 students and 39 teachers.

Bank of 5 toilets for the boys due to the large number attending.

An additional 3 toilets for the girls.

Our Amazing Sponsors

The Highlight of this Project

The village of Sommeun had been asking us for years to help them with a permanent water supply. While it is located just outside the geographical area where we work, we decided to move forward with the project. Lacking in the funds needed, we were able to complete the project with major support from members of the Whitby Sunrise Rotary Club…they have been so amazing in our time of need.

Our projects all start with the dam construction.

Completion of the Dam, several km from the village

The villagers trench their way back to the village, in preparation for the pipe to be buried.

One of several water taps installed.

Even with the rain, the women wanted to be in the picture to thank our donors for our gift.

We also did a number of smaller projects. Thanks to the generous support from the Rotary Club of Toronto, we were able to install a fence for a primary school to keep the cows and pigs out of the school year. It was pouring rain at the time, so a better picture will be provided in an upcoming post.

The students thank The Rotary Club of Toronto for their gift

As our 21/22 season came to a close, we are happy to report that all of our students graduated, 4 of them from secondary school. Our star university student Khamman also graduated with honours and his BA. He has just moved to the Capital City of Vientiane to start the Masters Program!

For our water filter program 608 new filters were distributed throughout several villages, serving over 3,000 rural villagers. 2/3 of them were sponsored by bridge players in Canada and the US through the support of Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee, as they finished their annual fundraiser for this project.

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