Make a Donation

Many of our Lao projects are geared towards sizeable water projects ($40,000 CAD and more) to bring a permanent supply of water to these rural villages that currently have to trek for it, just get enough to cook and drink with.  Once a week they trek to a river to bathe (although the elders will […]

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Plan Your Own Fundraiser

Each year, a number of fundraisers are planned and executed by our loyal supporters.  Past fundraisers have included backyard musical events, theatre events, bridge fundraisers, restaurant events, used book sales and others.  If you and your friends would like to consider the possibility of doing a fundraiser for Laos, small or large, please do not […]

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Visit a Village

Each year, we plan for a few village trips, often based on the interests of our guests…and YOU ARE INVITED! There are usually 2 or 3 trips pre-planned for guests that have indicated their intention to come. The trips are planned between December 1 and March 15th. After the rainy season the roads need to […]

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