Huey Hid


It is our intent to provide, with the help of the villagers and an engineer,  a permanent water supply to the rural village of Houy Hid.  In this village we will build a dam, lay 5.2 km of pipe, construct a water tank and install taps for 575 residents.

Volunteers, if available, and villagers will assist in the construction of the tap towers for the village including ground levelling, forming and tying metal rods, mixing cement etc., in addition to fundraising activities, logistics, materials purchase and delivery, donor reporting and accountability reports.

The system will be maintained by the villagers assigned by the village chief to ensure dam is clear of obstructions, taps are in continuous working order and pipe repair, as required.  The lifetime of the system is estimated to be 20 years without pipe replacement.

Population 2018 – 115 families – mostly Khmu tribe.

Existing Infrastructure – have a primary school and electricity

Location – approximately 128km north of Luang Prabang, mostly on paved road.

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