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Each year, we plan for a few village trips, often based on the interests of our guests…and YOU ARE INVITED!

There are usually 2 or 3 trips pre-planned for guests that have indicated their intention to come. The trips are planned between December 1 and March 15th. After the rainy season the roads need to dry out and the villagers need to harvest their rice by about Dec 1. Tourist season generally winds down in early March because it gets unbearably hot after that. It should be noted that they are not sweat equity trips, however we do ask for our guests to assist during a water filter distribution. We also ask each visitor to donate 1 water filter ($125 Canadian or equivalent in other currency) so they can get to fully experience the handoff to the recipients and have their picture taken with the family.

We keep our groups small…no more than 15 visitors at a time, preferably less so each can experience the true culture in their own way.

We also suggest staying with us for a week (including arrival and departure dates). Since flight costs are expensive, most would like to continue their southeast Asia travels after their visit. Please note that each traveller will be asked questions about their medical history and medical requirements while in Laos. If we know of possible issues/requirements ahead of time, we will be prepared. If mobility is an issue, again, just let us know so we aren’t asking you to climb a mountain. This will affect where we are able to take you and may change the planned itinerary to accommodate.

General estimates of costs:

Your flight costs to Luang Prabang: This will be the most expensive part of your trip with us. As an example, current return trips from Toronto, Canada are around $1900 CAD for a reasonable airline and flight times. (expect 32 – 34 hours each way so you may wish to stop off somewhere before you arrive). It depends when you travel, your seating class and so on.

We ask that you ensure that each traveller has access to $1000 USD for the week. You are not likely to use it all, but it generally covers all expenses – hotel/guesthouse, all meals, transportation. and even a trip or two to the local night market. There are plenty of ATM’s so you will not need to bring it all with you.

Once a trip is planned and itinerary is set, a more accurate cost will be provided to you. We usually ask you to book your own guesthouse on-line (we will provide recommendations but the choice is yours), while in Luang Prabang. For the rest, payment is due for the rest of the trip on arrival date, preferably in US currency. Daily bookeeping will be done and at the end of your trip, unused funds, will be reimbursed to you, with an option to donate the rest to our projects (Canadian tax receipts issued for donations), if that is your choice.


Each itinerary is a different of course, depending on interests, whether they have travelled to Laos before, medical issues and so much more.

Generally people arrive on or before Day 1, which is arrival day and dinner for those that make it in time for it. Airport Transfer is arranged for you.

Day 2 – since most have been travelling for many hours, it is generally an easy day with a short trip to some amazing waterfalls after breakfast (swimming optional) and lunch near the park. After that we return to the city with a casual afternoon to see the local sites on foot or just visit a local wine bar and relax. IN the evening, there will be a welcome dinner.

Day 3 – After breakfast we would likely head out on a day trip returning to Luang Prabang for evening dinner and the night. During the day trip we would distribute filters to our first village. Lunch will be taken with us.

Day 4/5 – Right after breakfast we would head north to remote villages to distribute more water filters/perhaps see a water project underway if there is time and spend the nights in Nong Khiaw.

Day 6 – After a casual breakfast we would work our way back to Luang Prabang, including a stop off at a local farm and/or visit another village on the way back. Farewell Dinner that evening.

Day 7 – Departures. For those that have a later departure, a short trip to the UXO Office and Museum in the morning would be optional. It will give you a really good understanding of the Lao people and their struggles with unexploded ordinance.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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