Nong Boakham School – Phase 1 Update

Finally!  Nong Boakham Secondary School is complete – at least Phase 1 is complete.  We were 3/4 of the way through construction and then were told that there were 3 teachers, not 2 as previously stated.  Too Late!  It is not easy to raise $10,000 and that is the cost per room for this school.  Secondary schools require much larger rooms than the rural villages because this school will support the graduating primary school students from many villages.  I am not sure what they plan to do with the 3rd teacher but I have raised only $2,000 towards this and school is supposed to start September 1.  I suspect that they will try to use the old school shack until a new room is added on.  Any takers on the challenge of raising the other $8000 in a hurry?

I have to admit that this school is the nicest we have built to date.  The reason you don’t see furniture in the rooms is that school is out for the rainy months of summer and nobody wants to see the furniture stolen.

Eventually we will add 4 more rooms, a small library, washrooms and a soccer/futball field.

We added outdoor seating and wood fascia, different from the rural villages.

Seems bright a cheery with the colours they chose.

The rooms are about 40% larger than those you would see in a rural village

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