New Water Filter Brochure is here

To date, we have provided hygiene training to schools, hospitals and entire villages, resulting in the distribution of 440 of them..and the list continues to grow with the support of our amazing sponsors.  On behalf of the villagers, we thank you.

Towards the end of our last visit, the cost for my last shipment worked out to be $65 per water filter.  As a result, I have had to increase the price to reflect this.  However it doesn’t seem to affect the will of our sponsors which is tremendous news.  $65 goes a long way to improving the health of the rural villagers.  We also updated our brochure to include our charitable status number.  As a result, Canadian donors may also receive tax receipts for their generosity.

We have discovered that two of the most popular reasons to purchase a water filter system is for Christmas gifts, instead of traditional monetary gifts and for those who wish to honour their loved ones in memoriam….

Please click on the link below.

aavil_brochure blue

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