Nong Boakham and Meung Luang (District) Hospital

During my last visit to the villages south of Luang Prabang to get updates on the projects there, I was surprised with the progress of Nong Boakham School.  It had been only two weeks since I had been there last and they still had some ground levelling to do before the construction could start!

Pretty Fast eh?

Front View - we were hoping to raise enough for 3 rooms to start since they have 3 teachers but I still need close to $9000 for that - hopefully we can raise it in time for August semester.

The day after we took this picture, the windows and doors arrived and they expected to have the roof on this week - Now THAT is fast.

Pretty talented 20 year old. He was responsible for parging - excellent job!

Meung Luang Hospital was a treat to walk into.  When it comes to water you couldn’t imagine happier people – Phosavanh was the same. It is so fulfilling to see this too.  Note the birthing room.  Those of you will remember our thoughts when we first saw it – it was disgusting.  Now look at it.

What a difference! I didn't think it would ever look this clean.

Running Water, new plumbing, new tiling around the sink and a new floor. Thank you to the Rotary Club of Oshawa - you are Buddha in the eyes of the villagers.

We ran water outside the hospital too. Still have to paint the latrine, and put a lockable cover over the well.

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