Phonsavanh Village

This trip was perhaps one of the most spectacular ones I have been on where trekking wasn’t involved.  From Nong Khiaw it was another 2 hours driving along the top of the mountains following their contours and at times the pat was no wider than a cow path.

Once we arrived, there was fanfare of course.  Our intention was to provide hygiene training and discuss the water project we had planned for them.  It was cold and with no sun it certainly wasn’t comfortable.  It should be noted that these villagers have nothing and I mean nothing.  They have to trek for their water, they have no electricity, no toilets and one very dilapidated bamboo school house.  We hope to build a school there next year if all goes well, although it won’t be cheap – even the sand and gravel has to be shipped in.

Our arrival with the water filters

The Village of Phon Savanh

The village mascot! (I mean the monkey, not Sean)

Two more images I just couldn't resist - back in time for the training

Filters waiting for a new home

Anticipation! there must be balloons or candy around somewhere

Contract Negotiations for new water while filters are being set up

Art showing the art of balloon blowing - is this the best you can do?

Wow Art, your training worked well!

Hygiene Training - prerequisite for receiving a filter

Happiness is.....

Another celebration of Bacci

A Truck sets up a temporary market

Stunning views on our return to Nong Khiaw

The steep inclines were just a bit too much for the van!

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