Governor’s Cave

We were all a little surprised to be taken to the cave where the Governor hid during the Vietnam war – located just a few minutes outside Nong Khiaw.  We don’t know if it was a District Governor or a Provincial one.  Nevertheless it was very interesting.

Bounmy hams it up for the camera in front of the cave

Entrance Stairs to the Governors Cave

One could imagine the deafening echo of bombs during the secret war

Imagine the sound of the bombs echoing off the walls during the secret war.

Governor's meeting room

Interesting Rock Formation

The next day we headed to DoneLom Village by boat and provide the Rotarians an idea of the projects we have been doing over the last couple of years but first I had to fix a mistake I made on one of the labels – I accidentally put a Canadian Flag as the background for an American donor so I didn’t waste any time correcting it.

Sorry Audrey for the error - all fixed now!

I cannot seem to go anywhere without a big bag of candy for the kids (and adults too).  It brings such joy and maybe bad teeth but that is why we supply toothbrushes too.

Above: climbing up to Done Lom School with great views.

Rotarians, Villagers and guests - THANK YOU

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