Done Lom Village – 2nd Distribution Complete

It didn’t take long before we were back in the villages again.  While we had intended to do a  number of things during this trip, there was always something that prevented us from doing it.  Still, we managed to head back to Done Lom with a boat load of water filters and took four tourists who turned out to be a fantastic help to us.

Here are a few highlites;

It takes a lot to make them smile, but when they

More great smiles but one frustrated child.

We managed to get some good pictures of the school without all the tenting and activities going on in the front.

A better shot of the finished School - just needs wider steps

We still need to mount the sign properly but we offer our sincere thanks for the many sponsors who supported this school.

Thank you to everyone who supported this school.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers! I wish I could remember their names.

Five countries here – Left were an English couple, Belgium in the backleft, Canada, Laos and Spain.  Now what the heck were their names?

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