Last Day with Jai Lao Foundation

With the predelivery of water filters for the village, we are all set to go for distribution to every family of a water filter (plus two for the school), hygiene kits (courtesy of Jao Lao Foundation), a hygiene training course and the official announcement that Jai Lao would be the sponsors for a new school.  Hat Kham Village lost there school during the monsoons of the year before.  Here are some highlites;

Water Filters prepared and waiting for their new owners

Hygiene Training at the community centre

Above: The winner of the POP Quiz after training.  We asked them to name 5 things they could use the water filter for.

Essay Winner Dara and Reynold hand out Hygiene kits to the villagers

Two Filters provided to the new school (yet to be built)

Typical Village scene in Hat Kham Village

Today we are off to Vientiane to meet with Foreign Affairs and announce the rest of our plans for this year, plus try to go to a Rotary Meeting and look for some blackboards that aren’t just painted wood, among other things.  Then I am heading to Pakse in the south to do a day or two of sightseeing.

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