Buy a Filter

The gift of clean water is perhaps the most valuable gift, one can give.  It is no wonder that it is our most popular program by far.  The filters are manufactured in Southern Laos and transported mostly on paved roads to the north, where they are usually dropped off on the side of the road.  From there they are transported by trek, by boat, by tractor and if we are lucky, by small truck to get them to their final, rural destinations.

In each rural village, our team sets up each filter, applies the appropriate labels and teaches a hygiene course and provides a tutorial on how to use and take care of the filter.  Often, we will include a toothbrush and toothpaste tube, or a bar of soap or something extra with each unit.  Once the training is complete, our team asks a few questions, to make sure that each villager understands our teachings.  For every right answer, a gift (usually a t-shirt or a small monetary sum) is given.

The filters will last 10-12 years for a family of 6-8, at which point the ceramic element and spigot only, will need replacement.

For $125 CDN or equivalent in USD, one water filter is donated to the needy family and an email is sent to each donor with a picture of the receiving family in high enough definition that one can zoom in on the label to see their name (or a name/short phrase of the donors choosing) in the forefront with the flag of the donors country in the background.  Our donors are welcome to send us pictures too, where we will use that instead of the country flag.  Tax receipts to Canadian taxpayers are issued.

The filters are very popular as gifts also, in memory of a loved one, or as a Christmas/Special Birthday gift.

If you cannot manage the donation of a complete water filter for a family, do not worry.  Feel free to specify that your donation be directed to our water filter program and we will accumulate multiple donations to be able to purchase additional units.  Please note that tax receipts will only be offered for donations over $40 CDN and your name will not be shown on the water filter label (not enough room to list all donor names)

In addition to your $125 CAD (or equivalent), please provide your full name, mailing address (CRA requires this for us to be able to issue tax receipts), email address (so we can send you the photo(s)), the information you would like to see on the filter label and an emailed picture (optional).

The image above is an example of the photo you will receive.